Rokoat LVT

A bespoke formulated Leather and Vinyl protector .


Rokoat LVT is a bespoke formulated Leather and Vinyl protector ideal for use on tenders, yachts, aircraft, vehicles, furniture and clothing.

An all-round product, which provides a protective non-greasy yet ultra-shiny smooth finish, Rokoat LVT does not affect the colour of the surface it is applied on. Rokoat LVT nourishes and penetrates deep into the surface of any leather or vinyl surface. It cleans as it is applied, softening and creating a barrier, which gives long lasting protection from stains, blemishes and UV discolouration.

  • All-in-one coating, nourishes and protects leather and vinyl.
  • Out performs lacquers, waxes and creams.
  • Creates a microscopic physical barrier against staining & UV.
  • Reduces cleaning and maintenance time and money.
  • Non-greasy, slippery or shiny – restores the natural look and feel.