Rokoat MultiProtect AM Extreme

Anti Microbial

Long lasting alternative to traditional waxes.


Rokoat MultiProtect AM Extreme is an incredible long lasting alternative to traditional waxes. With reflective qualities up to three times higher than a wax, Rokoat MultiProtect AM Extreme leaves smooth paint surfaces with a super- slick, non‐stick, high gloss, mirror like finish. It has been specifically developed by ROKOAT’s laboratories to withstand extreme UV and corrosive conditions that can quickly destroy conventional paint protective coatings, plus it contains Rokoat’s Anti-Microbial Agent - the antimicrobial formulation helps to lower the bio-burden and continuously protects treated surfaces from the colonization of viruses, bacteria, mould, mildew and fungi for as long as the coating remains intact on the treated surface. Rokoat MultiProtect AM Extreme also contains a food-safe, black-light detectable optical brightener which displays if the coating is still present on the surface. Designed as a ‘once a year’ coating, outdoor durability and colour stability are excellent. Rokoat MultiProtect AM Extreme is easy to use and effectively reduces maintenance time.

  • Super slick glass like surface.
  • Use on paint, gelcoat, stainless steel & chrome – even glass!
  • UV, weather, chemical and  resistant.
  • Extreme adhesion to substrate, adhering to almost any clean paint or smooth surface.
  • Anti-Microbial Agent - guards against microorganism colonies*.
  • Black-light detectable optical brightener included.
  • Incredible 1μm thickness.
  • Contains no zinc, lead or chromates.
  • Easy to apply, easy to clean.
  • Once a year application.

*EPA Reg. No. 83019-1